Micro Processor

  • Obtaining this license category enables the participation of small-scale processors in the cannabis industry. Obtaining a licence for micro-processing would authorize you to conduct the same activities as a having licence for standard processing but on a smaller scale.Just as with a license for standard processing, obtaining a licence for micro-processing would authorize similar related activities, including possession, research and development, storage, transportation and destruction, and the intra-industry sale of products to other federal licence holders or to provincially or territorially authorized sellers. You would need a separate authorization if you would like to sell directly to the public. As a Micro Processor you are allowed to process up to 600KG a year! If you also have a Micro Cultivator license, then the yearly processing limit of 600KG does not apply in this case and you may process everything you can harvest out of the 2,150 SQ feet of your Micro Cultivation facility.This being a new industry, Cannabis Advocates are offering “First To Market” opportunity. We are offering clients to gather their preliminary documentation and to be first In Line for the application for Micro Processing to have a competitor's advantage in this newly evolving industry.Our team is working with Health Canada's Review process to fully integrate a MICRO PROCESSOR LICENSE for our clients to become an authorized "Craft" Producer and to ensure the process of our clients' application is a success.If you are interested to be first in line for a Craft license with the opportunity to be first to market, please fill out the form below to begin your application.
  • Soil, Coco, Hydroponics, etc..
  • As a MICRO PROCESSOR, you are limited to your yearly processing limit of 600KG.
  • Be able to sell to Licensed Producers, Retailers, Exporting, etc.