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Medical Marijuana Canada

Do you need a medical marijuana prescription? Are you interested in finding out if you qualify for a medical marijuana license? At, we have a team of compassionate cannabis professionals who are willing to meet with you, listen to you, and get you access to legal marijuana to meet your medical needs. Additionally, If you already have a medical marijuana prescription or have recently been approved for one, our medical marijuana team is here to help guide you towards the highest quality cannabis in the Canadian Cannabis market, conversely at the most competitive pricing from Canada's top licensed producers.



Register online to obtain your Medical marijuana cannabis license in Canada which allows you to legally use Marijuana. Our medical marijuana application procedures are in accordance with the ACMPR regulations and equally Canadian laws.

Canadian Marijuana Laws

If you’re a recreational marijuana smoker and a habitual user or rather enjoy smoking pot on occasion it is important to realize that under the Canadian Marijuana laws, if you do not have the Cannabis card you might be charged with Possession Charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act of the Canadian Constitution.
If a police officer happens to stop you with a small amount of weed, without a cannabis card you can be charged and arrested.

Furthermore if you carry a large quantity of marijuana on you, it can be seen as you were in possession of an illegal drug for the purpose of trafficking, which furthermore carries a more severe penalty, and also, as a matter of fact, there need not be any exchange of money such as a transaction, the weight, and quantity of the weed alone can consequently lead you to be charged with purpose of trafficking pot.

Marijuana has long historic ties with law enforcement and is still considered to be an illegal drug on the federal level in both Canada and the United States. Canadians who are caught in possession of illegal marijuana from a none licensed producer or who is not in compliance with ACMPR regulations are consequently subject to arrest and heavy fines.

Medical Marijuana Canada

The following cities are most well known for their acceptance of cannabis and also equally contain a large portion of pot smokers.

Montreal Medical Marijuana

Located in the province of Quebec, Montreal is the largest city in the province, accompanying both the French and English population. Almost 2 million people live in Montreal and hence its one of the most bilingual cities in Canada with 57% of the population speaking both English and French. Montreal is well known to be a student city.

Toronto Medical Marijuana

Another giant Canadian city is Toronto, it is certainly one of Canada’s most populated cities is the capital of Ontario. With its gigantic skyscrapers and hence busy lifestyle, in addition, the residents of Toronto are very open minded on expanding medical marijuana Canada.

Vancouver Medical Marijuana

Vancouver is one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse areas coupled with its positive atmosphere many people fall in love with the city. As a matter of fact, Vancouver is often used as the filming location for Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster films. Furthermore, the city of Vancouver has a large collection of art galleries and is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Calgary Medical Marijuana

Calgary is located in the province Alberta and is also known to be the center of Canada’s oil industry. Residents of Calgary are open for new marijuana legislation and likewise are some of the biggest supporters of medical marijuana Canada.

Victoria Medical Marijuana

Lastly, Victoria is well known for its nature and also its surroundings and is popularized by its main attractions such as castles, mansions, waterparks as well as beautiful gardens. It seems like residents living in Victoria, by all means, are accepting and open to Medical Cannabis.

Which Canadian Provinces Smoke the most?

Pot consumption is accepted and tolerated similarly within most of the Canadian provinces. The following provinces are said to consume pot, with some provinces consuming marijuana more than others, while Saskatchewan consumption rounded off at around 10% meanwhile Nova Scotia most noteworthy ranked at almost 15% as having one of Canada’s biggest demographic of weed smokers.

Consequently throughout the country on average around 12.2 prevent of Canadian consume marijuana, and most do it without a Cannabis card furthermore endangering themselves with legal charges and also additionally exposing themselves to harmful and above all unknown chemicals which are grown by illegal grow ops in Canada and possibly Overseas.

Medical Marijuana Canada

Here is the number of Canadians who in 2012 have reported consuming cannabis in the last 12 months.
New Brunswick – 11 Per Cent reported consuming marijuana
Newfoundland And Labrador – 11.1 Per Cent reported consuming marijuana
Quebec – 11.5 Per Cent reported consuming marijuana
Manitoba – 11.5 Per Cent reported consuming marijuana
Alberta – 11.8 Per Cent reported consuming marijuana
Ontario – 12.1 Per Cent reported consuming marijuana
B.C. – 14.2 Per Cent reported consuming marijuana
Nova Scotia – 14.8 Per Cent reported consuming marijuana

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