16 November

How do you Talk to Your Doctor About Medical Marijuana? This is a subtitle text


How do you talk to your doctor about medical marijuana?

Finding online medical marijuana doctors who are qualified to issue prescriptions can be abit of a hassle. By nature,  doctors are trained professionals who spend their 20’s reading and studying academic books and whom probably seen countless patients with different stories and requests.

Doctors rely heavily on their academic material, they frequently interact with their colleagues in the medical fields and get together with other doctors.

As a doctor, you are under oath to do the best for your patient and have a moral responsibility to take care of those that come to see you for medical reasons. So if the doctor feels you’re making an unreasonable request or a request that may violate their better judgment then they will refuse it.

Patients have been refused medication and remedies with a far more narrow stigma attached to it then Marijuana. While Marijuana is legal in some parts of the United States and is legal in Canada for Medical usage, it is still federally Illegal.

Doctors have refused men coming to their office to request Testosterone replacement therapy treatment.

Doctors have refused both men and women requesting various types of medications which they heard about online, which “they” believe will solve their issue.

A good way to think about it is to keep in mind that a doctor is not a salesperson nor is he a drug dealer.

Despite all the clinical studies that prove the benefits of marijuana, some doctors still don’t believe or want to acknowledge it’s effectiveness, which such doctors are most likely limited to only a handful few, most doctors will not prescribe you marijuana because they see it as a drug that is simply too easy to abuse for none medical purposes. In their eyes, you potentially engaging in recreational drug use can be too much of a risk for them to take, even when they fully believe that Marijuana can cure your migraines or that prescribing you that Cannabis can elevate your symptoms of depression.

In such cases when a doctor denies your request to getting pot, he may then propose an alternative solution for you, a more traditional pharmaceutical drug that he or she is more used to prescribing.

A lot of doctors also operate in similar ways as athletic and regulatory commissions, meaning if their colleagues and other doctors in their region tend to lean towards “Not prescribing medical marijuana to patients” then they will follow the trend and follow the popular majority stance on the matter. Making wild moves, where they would be known as promoting alternative medicine can jeopardize their reputation which they might rationalize that it’s a good choice not to prescribe you marijuana.

Most doctors believe in the benefits of medical marijuana but not everybody will administer it to you. You can end up waiting for a long period of time to see a doctor hoping that you’ll get your medical cannabis prescription, only to be refused once you enter their office.

Cannabis Advocates connects patients with doctors that are supportive of medical marijuana for various treatments such as stress, insomnia, depression, pain management and much more. Our doctors are none judgemental and recognize Cannabis as a medical treatment.

To read further an receiving your medical marijuana license click here https://cannabisadvocates.ca/medical-marijuana-patients

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