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How did Weed become illegal In the United States?


How did Weed become illegal In the United States?

The history of cannabis is a compelling story for many and politics plays a huge role in the criminilization and legalization of Marijuana. Weed is illegal because of various political motives that see marijuana as a narcotic rather then an element of cure.

Weed is easy to produce, and like with any natural medicine it poses a threat to the ultra-powerfully big pharmaceutical companies.

In the United States marijuana was first criminalized back in 1937. This was written up and passed under The Marijuana Tax Act

Note that the Marijuana Tax Act was passed only 4 years after the repeal of the national Prohibition of alcohol. Marijuana criminalization changes also might have been assisted by political exploitation of racism and anti-immigration fears and various forms of cultural propaganda.

The criminalization of Cannabis failed to bring about the effect of it’s passing bill, and instead gave rise to many criminalized gangs and as a result created the war on drugs, which has resulted in many innocent men in particularly African American and those of Mexican origin unfairly doing long prison sentences for minimal possession or sale of pot.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s various communities in the United States such as Hipster run communities and those that included various African American groups have proposed that the war on drugs had an ethnically related motive that was discriminating against certain groups.

Some interesting statistics to note are;

  1. Over one trillion dollars spent on the drug war since it started.
  2. There were 1.6 million U.S drug arrests in 2010
  3. 8 Million people were arrested for pot since the year 2000

Because of marijuana’s illegal status, many universities and scientific groups were hesitant about conducting controlled and regulated studies to either prove or disprove the observational hypothesis. This off curse resulted in an over-extended delay in delivering a much useful alternative treatment to those who may benefit from cannabis use. Benefits of Cannabis were widely denied or dismissed within relevant medical circles for a long time.

In recent time however, many of Neurologists in the united states have regarded cannabis’ neuroprotective abilities for years. In the United States, the FDA has kept a tight lock on the publication and legalization of Marijuana, and Congress has been hesitating to legalize it in fears of other social issues involved in the process.

With public opinion shifting, marijuana legalization is becoming more and more common.

As of 2015 Medical Cannabis became legal in 23 states across the United States of America, and it is legal for medical purposes within all of Canada.

As for the administration of Cannabis, different people may respond differently to the administration of cannabis. Some may see a greater beneficial result after Inhaling marijuana while others may find that there’s a drawback as their lungs may not process the marijuana smoke all too well, therefore, someone may come to dislike pot as a healthy medical solution. This can discourage pot use and in such cases, other forms of administration may be more appropriate, such as taking pot orally.



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