Micro Cultivator

  • Obtaining a micro-cultivation licence will authorize and allow the cultivation of cannabis plants and to produce marijuana seeds, cannabis plants, both dried cannabis and fresh cannabis. A licence for micro-cultivation would also allow supplemental activities related to these main activities that are outlined above, these include possession, research, development, storage, transportation and destruction of your stock. The intra-industry sale of seeds, plants, and harvested materials (for example, fresh and dried cannabis) to other cultivators, processors, and holders of a research authorization would also be allowed. However, micro-cultivators would not be able to sell directly to the public or to federally licensed or provincially or territorially authorized sellers. Being a Micro Cultivator, you are allowed a maximum canopy space of 200M2 which is about 2,150 SQFT of space! This goes for vertical integration as well. This being a new industry, Cannabis Advocates are offering “First To Market” opportunity. We are offering clients to gather their preliminary documentation and to be first In Line for the application for Micro Cultivation to have a competitor's advantage in a newly evolving industry.Our team is working with Health Canada's Review process to fully integrate a MICRO CULTIVATOR LICENSE for our clients to become an authorized "Craft" Producer and to ensure the process of our clients' application is a success.If you are interested to be first in line for a Craft license with the opportunity to be first to market, please click the MICRO CULTIVATOR button below.
  • Soil, Coco, Hydroponics, etc..
  • As a MICRO CULTIVATOR, you are limited to your canopy space to no more than 200M2 or 2,150 SQFT. This does not include your office, storage, bathroom, etc.
  • Be able to sell to Licensed Producers, Retailers, Exporting, etc.